Monte dos Tamancos

Overwinteren in Alentejo! (Portugal) - Overwinter in Portugal met B&B in de Alentejo! (Portugal)

The surroundings of 'Monte dos Tamacos' offers various opportunities for recreation. There are several brochures at your disposel about places of interest in the surrounding area. To make it more easily there is also GPS available.

Aldeia do Rouquenho

Would you like to taste the autentic way of living in the alentejo ? Visit the small village Aldeia do Rouqhenho. You can be surprised by accordeon music, or be invited for a meal of little snails. The village is situated a 10 minute walk from your vacation address and a 10 km distance from Ferreira do Alentejo.

igrejaFerreira do Alentejo

Ferreira do Alentejo is a historic town with shady gardens, a large outdoor swimmingpool, historic chapels and churches. You can dine in one of the many authentic restaurants, or enjoy a drink at a cafe terrace. At nighttime you can go out to one of the nightclubs, or play a game of billiards. Ferreira do Alentejo is situated a 15 minute drive from your vacation address.



castle beja Beja

The historic town Beja has various possibilities for recreation. If you like ancient culture there is a castle and other midievel buildings. Besides you can see the Moorish and Romen influence. Beja has a friendly towncentre with charming shops and restaurants. Situated, a half hour drive from 'Monte dos Tamancos'.